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At this site you will learn how to identify the correct paint for your Mercedes and where to buy it. The corporate Mercedes-Benz U.S. website is here but at last review has no touch up paint information.

We are unaware of any DaimlerChrysler Corporate website
offering touch up paint.
Mercedes touch up paint
Mercedes S-Class
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What You Need to Order Touch Up Paint

There are 3 things you should know:
1. The model of your Mercedes

2. The year of your car

3. The unique paint code

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Your Mercedes

Where are the paint codes for my car?

All Mercedes=Benz vehicles have paint codes specific to the color of your car. Unfortunately, Mercedes does not always make it easy to quickly find your code.

To get the exact OEM paint color formulation the paint code is needed for your Mercedes-Benz model, year and color.

The paint code for a typical Mercedes-Benz car is 3 digits long consisting of only numbers (no letters). Older vehicles may have a prefix of DB followed by the three digit number. For example: DB-614.

You will find a label or plate with the code either on the driver side door jamb (most common), or the radiator support bar, or perhaps on the underside of the engine hood.

Click for a Graphic
showing a sample label where the paint code can be found and what you are looking for.

What About Buying Any Paint Locally?

No. You need a car paint company whose experience is creatng OEM, or original manufacturer paint colors, for Mercedes-Benz makes and models.

No one has auto touch up paint standing around for your 6-year old car. If they did it would likely not be good anymore.

Only a few select car paint companies exist with the state of the art equipment required to exactly create the accurate paint color for your Mercedes-Benz.

The touch up paint provider we give our highest recommendation to is AutomotiveTouchup, operated by Microfinish, because of their high tech capacity to match the original paint color of your car, in addition to OEM quality of paint, and cost-efficient pricing.

Where to Buy Mercedes Touch Up Paint

Mercedes-Benz Dealers - Your local Mercedes-Benz dealership may have Mercedes-Benz touch up paint. Pricing will vary. We reviewed several Mercedes=Benz dealership websites, as well as the US Mercedes-Benz website, and were unable to find any Mercedes touch up paint for sale or any pricing.

Some Mercedes-Benz dealerships have limited and seemingly random paints for sale on Amazon. Again, information is limited and only a few colors are available. Some dealers may pushing unsold stock. Also, these seem to only be small tubes without any typically associated products needed for most paint jobs.

If you do not want to pay the dealership's cost, spend valuable gas checking dealers, or have a model where off the shelv paint is no longer available, we highly suggest using one the following two paint providers.

These are the state-of-the-art auto paint providers which make the paint and have hundreds of thousands of color formulations which are guaranteed to match the color of your car no matter the year, model, or make.

You undoubtedly know automobile manufacturers rely on OEM suppliers making various parts for their vehicles. You will not go wrong buying paint from either of these recommended paint suppliers:

Automotive Touchup

Microfinish is based out of Louisiana. The company operates a website called Automotive Touchup, and Automotive Touchup is our highly suggested provider of Mercedes touch up paint.

The company has on standby more than 60,000 original OEM auto colors used to generate over 300,000 different custom colors to exactly match your car. Microfinish can also color match faded paint.

After doing comparison pricing we found Automotive Touchup was a better value than other paint providers.

Paint Scratch

The other recommended OEM auto paint provider is Bio Pac, which operates a website called Paint Scratch. This family business is operated from Nevada and has many years of experience in the auto paint industry. PaintScratch has more than 100,000 different paint colors in its database of auto colors.

Both Automotive Touchup and PaintScratch are able to guarantee their paint will match the color of your vehicle.

This is why you need to buy from one of these OEM manufacturers. They deliver fresh paint you don't have to worry about.

Note: We saw that PaintScratch also offers products on Amazon but they state the paint "Usually ships in 1 to 3 weeks." This suggests the paint is not in stock but they are getting it elsewhere and marking it up before shipping. You do not want to wait that long to repair your vehicle's paint. The Amazon sales pages also state there are no returns and the color match guarantee is limited. This is not a recommended method of buying touch up paint.

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